6 thoughts on “DAY 2 – Talk: “The Role of Men in Evangelism””

  1. Rev. Dr. Isaac O. Afolayan

    Congratulations to the men of the PCN. Keep the good work. More grace for being responsive to the challenges of our time and putting the Church on the right path. May the Lord depend on you continually. Shalom.

  2. Dr Njoku Michael

    This is wonderful innovation. I enjoyed every bit of the talk and I say may God bless the man of God, the organizers of this year’s father’s week and our men.
    The scripture says in every condition give God thanks, covid 19 has made it possible for me in diaspora to hook up live with my fellow men in Nigeria. As for evangelism God will help me to be part of it in Jesus name Amen.

  3. Well done for such a wonderful delivery. God bless ur effort but the download tabs are not available for those that have not data and high end android comes. We at Lafia PCN shared with other members.

  4. Type here.. The role of men in evangelism can be over emphasize because men who assume serveral leadership positions as heads of family, organisation and many other government and Episcopal leadership, are lacking behind by bringing the Christ-like virtue in both family and public life.

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